About Me

Nicole is a newly minted PhD in Political Science from Emory University. She is about to leave her most recent home in Atlanta and move to Germany to commence her first “real job” in a long time. She is originally from Canada. She spends a lot of time in Israel, where she enjoys walking the dog, watching movies, and drinking coffee and other assorted beverages with friends.

Nicole studies finance and monetary policy as well as central banking, fiscal policies, and financial crises. She likes statistical and political methods, as well as text analysis, computer programming, natural language programming, and other awesomeness related to technology and science. She also is a keen watcher of Israeli politics. She used to have a currency and inflation “fedwatcher” blog, but was asked to take it down before starting employment at her previous work establishment. As she is there no longer, she has decided to republish a blog, however, this new blog is unrelated to her academic work and deals mostly with her growing interest in Happiness, Positive Psychology, Buddhism, Judaism, and Wishing.

In addition to being a researcher, she loves cooking silly birthday cakes, taking train rides, walking in the mountains, and playing online scrabble.


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